Endangered Animals

Extinct Animal: The Baiji Dolphin

Baiji Dolphin in water

The baiji was known as critically endangered and possibly extinct. However, it went functionally extinct in 2006. It was only native to China's Yangtze River. Dams, fishing, and industrial pollution made by humans did a big change to these species. Here are some quick facts about the Chinese Baiji River Dolphin:

This river dolphin is one of four river dolphins in the world. They have poor eyesight, but like other sea animals, they have a sonar system. To me, they look like a beluga whale!


The Yangtze River spans 3,915 miles from the East China Sea to Qinghai. That's a lot of water, but not enough for these species to live in.


Do you believe the Baiji Dolphin could still be alive? (HINT: There is no correct answer to this)