Endangered Animals

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Tasmanian Devil

Extinct Animals

Baiji Dolphin:Extinct
Yangtze River Dolphin Facts
Dodo Bird
10 Facinating facts about woolly mammoths
10 facts about woolly mammoths

Vulnerable Animals

Javan Rhinos
Mountain Gorillas
NOAA Right Whales
What would happen if pangolins went extinct?
Pangolin Informaion
Polar Bears/North Pole
Polar Bears WWF
Polar Bear Image


NOAA: Microplastics
Pollution Stories
Marine Animals are dying becuase of our plastic trash
Nearly Every Seabird on Earth is eating plastic
World Wild Life - WWF
Right Whales


Where does poaching happen the most?
Wildlife Justice Commission
Pangolin Coronavirus


Baiji Dolphin
Turtle interested in plastic :(
Plastic floating in the ocean
Whale washed ashore on beach full of plastic
A rare and endangered Javan Rhino
Tasmanian Tiger in captivity
Woolly Mammoth
Dodo Bird
Pangolin eating grass
Right Whale's fluke
Question mark giant panda - not a new species :)
Tasmanian Devil

Other Subjects

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AMNH - What causes extinction?
Invasive Fire Ants 1
Invasive Fire Ants 2
Threats to wildlife
NASA Climate Change Effects